The Juice Sensual Awakening Play Class

We are so happy to welcome you

to our online Sensual Awakening Play Class:

~ Wall Dance & Energetic Orgasmic Yoga Edition ~  🙏😍

(for the Dutchies: yes, this one is in English)

Do you long to connect to your body and your pleasure


Do you want to switch from numbness to excitement?


In this class we won’t TALK to you about pleasure, we will let you EXPERIENCE it.

It will give your busy mind a rest and help your body into a sensual flow.

We will promise you that you’ll feel very relaxed and yummy after this class!

  You will:

💦melt into your body with sensual movement

💦learn to curl and dance with your wall, expanding your pleasure

💦get a sensual & playful Energetic Orgasmic Yoga experience

💦have some deeply nourishing ME-time


Monday October 11 - 20:00 - 21:00 pm CET

 LIVE on ZOOM - The link will be sent to you on Sunday 10th. When you're a late bird, you'll find the zoomlink here from Monday morning on.


Yoga mat or blanket

✧ Flexible/ danceable clothes

✧ Your own delicious body and a comfortable sit.

Space where you can be alone

 Anyone who identifies as a woman or in-between genders

✧ All ages, bodies, and sizes

We're looking forward to playing with you!

Love, Arati & Mila 💦